Crossdressers masturbate when dressed as women...


Since time immemorial, there have been men that got a sexual thrill from cross-dressing, and the presently accepted view of most experts in the field is that if cross-dressers go no further than putting on women's clothes and makeup and perhaps masturbate, that there is nothing to be concerned about.

The reason that so many crossdressers masturbate when dressed as women is because cross dressing has in the vast majority of cases, nothing to do with wanting to have sex with members of the same sex, i.e. homosexuality, and the opposite is more often than not, the case.

In the eyes of the cross-dresser, and in his imagination, he is the ideal woman, and along with that are the advantages that there is no fear of criticism or rejection, so for him, dressing up as a woman and masturbating is therefore a win win situation.

The first experience!


The first experience that a person has with crossdressing is likely to be very sexually exciting, and he will more than likely carry on with the practice and will do it in secret.

If he is married he will wait until his family is out of the house, and then perhaps take a hot perfumed bubble bath, shave off his body hair and after slipping into something silky and sexy, masturbate.

Both men and women have historically cross-dressed in order to disguise their true identity, but today it is much easier for women, because the wearing of pants (trousers) and jackets etc. is now acceptable in modern western society.

In the past women often did it because they wanted to take up male-dominated or male-exclusive professions, such as military service, whereas men might have cross-dressed to avoid it.



Because cross-dressing behavior runs radically counter to most present day norms, it is most often interpreted as either transgender or homosexual behavior, when in fact according to statistics, it doesn't reliably reflect either of them.

The vast majority of human beings, like most of the animal kingdom are sexual creatures and apparently most cross dressers simply cross-dress because it sexually excites them, and doesn't mean that they want to be a member of the opposite sex or have sex with one, or many of them.
For a great many cross-dressers, or sissies as they are often unkindly called, the need to crossdress becomes a part of their very selves, in the same way that most musicians need to play music, or writers need to write etc.

It would seem however that cross-dressers are no more likely to become transvestites, than transvestites are to go on to trans-sexuality, or casual drinkers of alcohol are to become alcoholics, and present research suggest that the sexual factor involved in crossdressing tends to decrease over time, and that the major adjustment problems that crossdressers need to face are societal attitudes.



Cross dressing is nothing more and nothing less than the act of wearing clothing commonly associated with the other gender within a particular society, and women in the West do it on a day to day basis and nobody bats an eyelid, but if a man does something similar then he's almost universally branded as a homosexual.

Women that wear pants or jeans, or t-shirts and boots are not immediately thought to be lesbian, but let any man but a Scotsman put on a skirt and every one will call him a pansy or a sissy.

Almost every society throughout history distinguished between the male and female gender by way of the style, color, or type of clothing that they wore, and there were almost always a set of norms, views, guidelines, and even laws that defined what type of clothing was appropriate for each gender, and there has always been much speculation as to why people cross-dress.

What seems clear though, is that although many men cross-dress because it gives them a sexual thrill, they don't do it because they want to be women, and hardly any cross dressers go on to become transvestites.



Before asking what cross dressers are, it might be best to ask what they're not, because the answer might surprise most people.

In the vast majority of cases men that cross dress are not homosexual, and they're more often than not simply regular guys that simply have an additional feminine dimension, but they get stereotyped because of a very visible minority that sissify for entirely different reasons.

Most drag queens are gay or bisexual and they wear women's clothes to make fun of cross dressing, and female impersonators do much the same thing, whereas transsexuals believe they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex and often go as far as undergoing very painful reassignment surgery.

No one knows for sure why men cross dress and nobody in the West any longer asks why women wear pants and jeans, but what is for sure is that crossdressing seems to be more a matter of personality than sexuality, so please don't call the next cross-dresser that you meet a fagot just because he sometimes puts on women's clothes.